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Our 9-lb pork boxes and beef boxes include free UPS 2-day shipping throughout the continental U.S. We ship Mondays and Tuesdays.

Locals can buy individual pork and beef cuts.
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“Yours was the most delicious pork chop I have had in my life. Once upon a time, all pork was low PUFA, and yet I have never had a truly low PUFA pork product, so I really haven’t had a proper pork chop. The rim of fat around the chop was simply divine.”

Dr. Cate Shanahan

"We enjoyed the pork chops last night, tremendously! Absolutely delicious. We have avoided eating pork for years, since so few farmers raise them ancestrally.  The fact that we know that the pigs are treated humanely, raised ancestrally, fed a wholesome, natural, nutrient-dense diet, and therefore, are fantastically healthy for us to consume, makes eating pork a joy again! 

  My family and I are well aware of the dangers of feeding pork GMO corn and soy, which raises their omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) levels dramatically. In this case, Karl has fed these animals an all natural, ancestral diet, which has resulted in what may be among the lowest om-6 LA levels of any pork in the land.  We now can consume them confidently, knowing we're getting some of the best pork ever!" 

Dr. Chris A. Knobbe, MD

The pork is very good. That low amount of PUFA puts it close to beef and coconut fat for safety.

Dr. Ray Peat